Friday, 7 August 2009

The September Issue

Kate Moss shot by Mario Testino

My copy of the UK Vogue september issue (which is a lot thicker than the previous disspointing months) came through the post a couple of days ago but as lazy as I am I couldn't be bothered taking a picture of the cover myself. So luckily for me have done it for me. The September issue of any editorial fashion magazine is the most important, showcasing all the new AW trends and fresh new advertising campaigns.
Not to be dissrespectuful of Miss Moss because I love her but is this really the best photo the could have used for the cover?

Also on a related note the movie "The September Issue" feat Vogue's Editor in Cheif Anna Wintour is out on Sep 11th. It is a documentary style film about the creation of the fall 2007 Edition of Vogue US. Im sure it will be filled with lots of snappy remarks and bitchy comments, great just what we all love.

I am probably the only person excited about this but nevermind!

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